best pizza in Leeds: a single slice of pizza on a white paper plate, sat on a wooden table. The pizza is topped with cheese and tomato and the base is thin and crispy.

Crispy Bases and Indulgent Cheese Pulls - The Best Pizza in Leeds

What makes a great pizza? To be the best pizza in Leeds the base has got to be crispy, but not too crispy. The cheese needs to be indulgent, and gooey but not rubbery. The toppings need to be fresh and of the best quality, and it doesn't hurt when they're a little unusual too.

The venue plays a part too! Somewhere to relax, somewhere with atmosphere, and a good drinks selection too. 

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best pizza in Leeds: a single slice of pizza on a white paper plate, sat on a wooden table. The pizza has a thin base and a cheese and tomato topping.

Dough Boys

If it's pizza by the slice alongside a refreshing pint then Belgrave Music Hall is the place to go. This is the thinnest base I've ever had, which means that your tastebuds can fully focus on the flavours.

They have some interesting toppings with entertaining names too, my favourites are Sausage Fest (Prosciutto, spianata & Belgrave black pepper sausage, mascarpone, caramelised onions), Baa No More (Middle Eastern spiced ground lamb, pine nuts, pomegranate, pecorino & baby red chard) and Queen Brie (French brie, caramelised onions, roasted red grapes, black pepper & smoked sea salt).

If you want Dough Boy's recipe for creating the perfect pizza base yourself, you'll find it in the ebook. You can find out more and get your copy at the end of this article.

The Pizza Authority

This pizza here is made with so much love and care, using a simple recipe which respects the strict rules set by the Neapolitan Pizza Association. Simplicity is everything here, meaning that fresh ingredients and carefully crafted dough really shine through.

As they're based in Assembly Underground, you can enjoy your pizza on long tables whilst enjoying one of fifty beers from the Vocation tap room.

My recommendations? The Chief (salami, pepper, red onions and fresh chilli) or the Patrol (Nduja and chicken). 

Best Pizza in Leeds: a close up of a whole pizza on a wooden board, with a fired up pizza oven out of focus in the background. The crust is slightly charred in places and the cheese is beautifully melted.

I've recently added the Pizza Authority to the Leeds Street Food Tour, so book a space and try it for yourself... if you're not too full from all the burgers, baos, rice pots, loaded fries and falafel also included on the tour!

Livin' Italy

Livin' Italy have venues in Granary Wharf and Cloth Street, each with a different pizza menu and style. I've had pizza at both venues, and to be honest I probably wouldn't rush back to Cloth Street in a hurry (although their small plate dishes are amazing!).

Granary Wharf pizzas are to die for. The bases are so crispy, and I love that the menu lists individual ingredients to choose from so that you can choose exactly what you want.

Best pizza in Leeds: a close up shot of a sliced pizza with a very thin base and lots of cheese. The pizza is topped with mushrooms and cheese.
I always go for goats cheese and Parma ham, plus either butternut squash, walnuts or caramelised onion depending on what I fancy.⁠

⁠It's not just the pizzas that make Livin Italy one of my favourite places in Leeds - their pasta dishes are unreal and they make a fabulous Aperol Spritz.

Want even more recommendations? I have an ebook full of them!

The Leeds Feeds ebook is over 85 pages long and includes a directory of well over 100 independent restaurants along with recipes from some of the best restaurants in Leeds (including a pizza recipe from Dough Boys!).

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