The Best Kebabs in Leeds City Centre

This week's blog post, all about the best kebabs in Leeds city centre, is inspired by my recent trip to Sqew (followed by another visit a week later), for the most incredible lamb shawarma.

There are four places in Leeds that I love for kebabs, and which one I choose depends on whether I fancy a Berlin kebab or a Middle Eastern style kebab, something lighter or something really indulgent.

Best kebabs in Leeds City Centre - three spits with shawarma or doner rotating and cooking

The Best Kebabs in Leeds


The inspiration for this blog post, and the kebab I couldn't resist having twice in a week.

I popped in for a chat with the owner, Mitch, who talked me through the menu - which was really interesting! He's balanced wanting to serve authentic Levantine food, with customer demand for the much-loved doner kebab (Turkish).

You can have chicken shawarma, lamb shawarma (I had this both times) or lamb doner - as well as falafel and halloumi.

If you're after a kebab wrap, its recommended that you have the Khobez (Arabic flat bread) with shawarma, or the Durum (Turkish, thinner flat bread) with doner to be truly authentic, but of course the choice is yours.

Best kebab in leeds city centre - a mezze platter with lamb shawarma, halloumi, potatoes and mixture of middle eastern salad
I had a mezze platter and would definitely order this again - it's so much food, the flavours are mind-blowing, and it's so fresh and healthy! 

Particular shout out to the potatoes, the hummus and the toum (Lebanese garlic sauce, with kind of an emulsion texture which is so light and fabulous).

Falafel Guys

A long-time favourite of mine - I'm a regular customer myself and they also feature on the self-guided street food tour.

They started with a red van on Briggate (which is still there), before opening in Assembly Underground (now closed) and now you can find them at Salt in Granary Wharf.

Owned by brothers Abadall and Ahmed Gouda, who are driven by their mother’s advice that if you’re going to do something, do it well and be generous, and their all-important motto is "Come Hungry, Leave Happy!"

Best Kebabs in Leeds City Centre, a hand holding two flatbread wraps on a sunny day, with grass and Leeds canal in the background

Choose from wraps, hummus bowls (featuring three kinds of hummus!) and salads. I always go for either the Special Doner Wrap, featuring thick doner meat in the silkiest, slightly spicy, bbq sauce, or the Triple Decker Wrap (chicken shawarma, falafel and halloumi). 

Both wraps are pretty massive and PACKED with protein, hummus, salad and sauce, so you'll need a big appetite for this.

I Am Döner

Here we move from Middle Eastern kebabs to the mighty German kebab.
I am Döner's founder, Paul, was trained in Michelin starred restaurants by some of the best chefs in the UK, and wanted to make the döner kebab "more than a guilty pleasure for the intoxicated".

They use 120​ ingredients in their 8 kebabs, produce their own homemade bread, make their sauces from scratch and use high quality meat. 

You can get a Berlin döner wrap, salad box, rice box or loaded fries. One of the many differences between this and the above options, is the gorgeous feta cheese they use!

They have some great vegan options too, including Seitan döner meat.

Döner Shack

Another Berlin kebab, as well as teller (loaded fries), currywurst, chicken schnitzel bites and more.

You'll find them at Trinity Kitchen as one of the permanent traders, and again they are changing the perception of the kebab by always using high quality and ethically sourced ingredients.

They use lean turkey & beef in their döner, their chicken shawarma is free range (and gluten free!). Their traditional Pida breads & lavash wraps are made fresh daily in their own bakery, using processes learned from their partner bakeries in Germany.

best kebabs in leeds city centre: a hand holding up a kebab in Pida bread, with the doner shack sign out of focus in the background

I'm always torn when it comes to ordering, because their Pida bread is so fluffy but their fries are really delicious too and are perfectly loaded. So I'm going to recommend going twice, once for the 'Kebap' and once for the teller!

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