Where to Eat in Leeds Market

Leeds Market is a foodie haven you must visit - it's ideal for a lunch time treat during the week. As well as the main food court, there are also loads of hidden gems around the market that you need to know about!

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Leeds Market

Manjit's Kitchen

This is probably the best-known food vendor in the market, and for good reason. Manjit's Kitchen serves vegetarian Indian street food including pakora wraps, paneer wraps, thali and more. The flavours are incredible, with just the right amount of spice, and it's excellent value for money for the quality too. 


Chop Chop

Right next to Manjit's Kitchen is Chop Chop, who describe themselves as "Far East Food, Fast". You can get rice/noodle boxes with things like salt & pepper prawns (the best!), sticky beef, sweet & sour chicken etc.

Their sister vendor is Banh & Mee, also in the food court and also very very good - authentic Vietnamese and the best loaded fries!
Chop Chop Leeds Market


Mr Mackerel

Istanbul style fish sandwiches that are tasty, filling and very good value for money! Mr Mackerel have a whole range of dishes, including Lamb Kofta, Chicken Shish and more, but I always go for the fish sandwich and it's exactly like the ones I had in Istanbul.

Even better, it's only £5!


Hayes Seafood

Fresh oysters, anyone? If you haven't tried oysters before, Hayes Seafood is the place to do it. Get the Lindisfarne oysters which are sweeter, top with some shallot vinaigrette, and chew rather than swallow whole!

They are £1.50 each and by far the tastiest oysters I've had, served by the loveliest couple too.


Hayes Seafood Leeds Market


Sweet Saeeda

A Tunisian food stall hidden just around the corner from the main food court (so you'll have to go looking for it!). Owned and run by one bloke on his own, who comes in early every single morning to bake fresh bread for the Tunisian sandwiches.

From sandwiches to plates of grilled meat, to Tunisian pastries, Sweet Saeeda is  providing an explosion of flavour on every visit.

Here is another super cheap eat too! 

Sweet Saeeda Leeds Market


Maxis Rotisserie

 Chinese roast meat including roast duck, pork belly and chicken, usually served with rice. I usually get the 'three mixed roasted meats' and custard buns for after. Maxis Rotisserie make them perfect, not many places do them, so we would definitely recommend coming here and experiencing them for yourself! 

Yummi Sushi Bar

Yes, there is a sushi bar in the market. Yummi Sushi Bar is outside of the main food court again and you'll want to look out for the bright orange branding.

Lovely fresh sushi and Japanese dishes - our favourites are the salmon sushi box, the teriyaki beef and the Kastu curry.

Yummi Sushi Bar Leeds Market


Eastern Oven

Levantine cuisine, cheap and tasty! This is at the top of the food court, next to where Malcolm Michael's butchers used to be, and it's a bright green unit with a sign that says 'Veg Falafel Chicken Shawarma' across the top.

Place your order and then watch the bread get made by hand while you wait! The chicken shawarma is particularly delicious from here.



The likes of the best Yorkshire pudding wraps in Yorkshire, the Thai street food in the 1904 hall, or where to buy the best cakes to take home for pudding (it's Kaparty Bakery), haven't even been mentioned in this post- we could honestly talk about Leeds Market all day long.

Stay tuned as we may have a Leeds Market specific food tour coming to Leeds Food Tours in the future...but for now, if you're interested in finding out more about our food tours around Leeds City Centre, click here for more information.


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