Self-Guided Tours Information

I'm pleased to let you know that self-guided tours can now be redeemed! Things are a little different than when I created these tours, so please read the information below before setting off.

Group sizes: restrictions allow up to six people indoors, and many of the venues on the self-guided tour do not have an outside space. If you have bought multiple tour packs and taking part as a group, please bear this in mind.

Venue capacity: many venues have limited capacity due to Covid-19 restrictions and do not take bookings. This means that you may turn up at a venue on your tour and have to queue for a table, especially at peak times such as evenings and weekends. If this happens, you may wish to visit that stop at a later time. 

New staff: please be patient with staff, as venues have had a high staff turnover upon re-opening and not everyone working may be aware of the tours, so may need to ask their managers.

The dishes that you can expect from your tasty tokens are as follows:

Falafel Guy: 1 token = choice of hummus bowl, wings, sweet potato, cauliflower bowl or halloumi fries

Pizza Authority: 1 token = six inch pizza with a choice of toppings

Slap & Pickle: 1 token = small loaded fries (vegan duck or Big Mick)

Patty Smith's @ Belgrave: 1 token = one burger cut in half (Leafeater (vegan), Dirty Burger or New Colonel)

Rola Wala: 1 token = sample rice pot (2 tokens in each pack)

Little Bao Boy @ North Brewing Tap Room: 1 token = two baos with choice of toppings

Enjoy your tour, and remember to tag @leedsfoodtours on instagram if you take any pictures!