We like to know what we're getting before we spend our hard-earned cash, so here are some reviews of Leeds Food Tours from some lovely guests.

Local Leeds Tour

Sam Pearson says: 

"Went on this tour with my wife and we had such a great time. The host is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and took us to places we have never been before/even heard of despite living in the city for some years. All of the stops served us some great food and I had some things I would never normally order from a menu but thoroughly enjoyed.
Would highly recommend this tour to visitors to the city or anyone local looking to find some great new places to eat. 
Thanks for a lovely day out, Sam"

Ryan Ward says:

"I've lived in Leeds for seven years and grew up not far away, yet the city still surprises me. I thought I knew it all but I was wrong. 
Deliciously wrong.
Ellen provided not only multiple courses for the mouth and stomach, she provided a carefully crafted tasting menu of historic knowledge for the mind. 
I'm surprised at how little I actually knew about Leeds' food and drink history and the general history of the city. I won't spoil anything but to say it was an eye opener is an understatement. 
Furthermore, we were treated to a wide variety of foods from city institutions both new and old. Full advantage was taken of Kirkgate Market (which I still think is under-appreciated by many). Fish, chicken, cheeses, veg and charcuterie meats took us all on a culinary ride through Leeds that establishes it as both a local produce champion and cosmopolitan destination for the discerning food lover.
Ellen's knowledge and passion are clear examples of how much she loves the city and we couldn't have asked for a better guide. It also shows in her relationships with many of the traders at the market that she's deeply entrenched in the championing of Leeds, its traders and the culinary produce it offers.
This tour is perfect for newcomers to the city, people here on a visit or even locally-produced residents such as myself.
I'm looking forward to the next one".

James Shepherd says:
"I had never been on a food tour before. So, it was a spontaneous idea to join the second offering of Leeds Food Tours. And I am so glad I did!
Ellen is a fantastic host and very knowledgeable about the history of food and drink in Leeds with a passion for sharing the information with you. It was wonderful getting to experience some of the hidden gems and independents of Leeds.
Ellen had arranged for us to visit at least six different places with a variety of food with an option of water, carbonated drink, or adult beverages.
Enjoy a nice walk through Leeds city centre with a personable guide and leave with a full stomach and brain full of unusual information. You will not be disappointed!"
Chloe Weatherhead says: 
"I attended the local Leeds good tour with my colleagues. Our guide was friendly, knowledgeable and easy to be around. We visited a large variety of venues and each offered something slightly different but were still able to cater for vegans, vegetarians and pescatarians (as well as those without dietary requirements) which meant that we all got value for money. I was introduced to many places that I will definitely be visiting again. An excellent afternoon - would highly recommend!"
Richard J says:
"I was bought the tour as a Christmas present and didn’t really know what to expect so was a little apprehensive when I turned up at the meeting point. I shouldn’t have worried as I was about to be taken on a food adventure through Leeds with Nell as our confident, chatty and Informative guide.
Me and my wife have lived in Leeds for well over 15 years and we both thought I knew it but with Nell as our guide we got to visit some great new places and look at the city with fresh eyes.
My particular highlight was the visit to Leeds market which I hadn’t been to in years and where we were introduced to great stalls and some fantastic food and it was a bit of eye opener as to how much the market has improved and I will definitely be going back there.
As well as the market we visited fantastic restaurants and pubs in Leeds that I will be visiting again at the first chance I get. A genuinely fun and interesting way to explore the city and it’s excellent independent food scene. I would highly recommend it".


Neil Dickinson says:

"I booked the Leeds Food Tour whilst planning a weekend away in Leeds. Ellen is an excellent host, very friendly, engaging, and informative which made the experience a real pleasure.
We tried a range of locally sourced dishes across a variety of venues, each offering something different and certainly not places we would have found on our own.
It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon, and great value for money. We would love to try the Leeds Street Food Tour next time we stay in the area".

Paul Neave says:

"Thoroughly enjoyed Ellen's Leeds Food Tour. Excellent array of food, with the highlight being the market. She is like a minor celebrity there; everyone knows her! 
She was very knowledgeable about Leeds and gives historical information that is interesting and unusual. I liked the fact that the tour was focused around Leeds but included some other high-quality British produce also. 
Perfect for an afternoon with friends or family. In true Leeds style I was full and slightly tiddly by the end. I couldn't believe the amount of food, drink and attention we got for the price".

Billy Marsh says:

"Just when you think you know a place, someone comes and pulls the rug from under your feet!
Leeds Food Tours is an enjoyable and immersive way to experience the city and have a good bite to eat on the way round.
Ellen, the guide and owner, is incredibly knowledgeable on both her food and her city; she made the group feel at home immediately and I don’t think anyone left hungry!
Without giving too much away, you’ll experience some great local produce, in some of Leeds’ best and most loved independent pubs and restaurants plus a well curated trip around Leeds market."


Becky Gleave says:

"Whether you're a visitor/new to Leeds or are Leeds born & bred - this is an absolute must-do! Such a different day out exploring both the city and independent eateries that you'd easily walk past.
The tour guide, Ellen, is so knowledgeable and passionate that it's truly infectious. Great value for money as well, as you're nicely full afterwards and alcohol is included in half the stops! Great for families or a group of mates wanting to do something a bit different - I'm definitely taking my parents as a unique birthday present (she does vouchers!)"

Steph Lawson says:

"Having lived in Leeds for 10 years I thought I'd seen it all, but Ellen's food tour really proved me wrong! The range of eateries visited offered a wide and varied assortment of food, and really showcased the independent businesses within the city.
As you start your tour, Ellen walks you through the city educating you on your surroundings and related historical facts on your way to the 1st venue. At each venue she discusses the food on offer, the relation to Leeds and let's you tuck in!
It's a very relaxed and friendly tour with no time pressures. Ellen is a great host and ensures everyone is comfortable and happy.
I left the tour having had just the right amount of food and drink and can't wait for the next one. Don't be put off if you're a Leeds resident, you'll certainly be surprised by what you don't know!"

Tom W says: 

"Great fun. Nell is a great host - enables you to get a real feel for the history of Leeds/Yorkshire. Loved the food too."

Natalie Dickinson says:

"My friend and I had such a lovely time on Nell's tour and not only did we enjoy all the food, we found it really interesting and insightful too. Nell is friendly, enthusiastic and really knows her 'stuff' on Leeds! Being vegetarian meant Nell made sure every stop had something suitable and we found all of it to be so delicious! I loved that we only stopped at independent places and I liked that there wasn't actually too much walking (it was raining on our tour). I've done food tours in the past which felt quite rushed but this one wasn't rushed in the slightest. We got to chat, laugh and despite being on a timetable felt like we were going at our own pace.
I can't wait to do another one!"

Street Food Tour

Billy Marsh says:

"Having experienced the local Leeds tour, Nell, the guide, had mentioned she had several other ideas up her sleeve including a 'Street Food' tour.
Given the local tour ticked so many boxes, I thought I'd give this one a go and I'm glad I did.
Leeds has a thriving street food scene and the tour was broken up across several of the 'hubs' around the city. I can't give too much away for obvious reasons but wow!
Burgers, chicken, falafel and some of the best wurst I've ever had, all washed down with a few beers and more foodie facts.
I don't know how she does it but Nell has clearly done her homework and also developed a great relationship with the vendors.
You won't leave hungry and you'll definitely want more... Apparently there's a Leeds market tour on the horizon. I'll be front of the queue for that!"

Vegan Food Tour

Paegan Ward says:

"I’m local and I eat mostly vegan but I’m a creature of habit, I eat the same meals at the same places and it was time to mix it up!
I’d eaten at one of the places on the tour before but at all the stops (5 in total) I tried dishes I’d never had and they were all amazing! Ellen’s knowledge of the venues, the dishes and the city was great, her enthusiasm for good food is second to none and she knows where to find it.
I would highly recommend any of her tours whether you’re new to the city or just want to find some new places. Can’t wait to go on my next one!"

Charlie says:

"We had the pleasure of being the first people to go on the Leeds Vegan Food Tour, and we certainly will not be the last. We met easily at the Queen's Hotel and the tour was a great duration, at around 3.5 hours.
The tour was thoroughly enjoyable: the food was fantastic and the tour of the city was insightful and fun too! The variety of food that we tried was a great blend of both junk and healthy food. We are a couple who are trying to adopt the vegan diet, so it was great to see how many great places there are for vegans to go to.
Ellen is a great tour guide, she knew a lot about all five venues we visited and the city as a whole. Whether you live in Leeds or are visiting for the first time, you will learn a lot on this tour. Her passion for what she does made the experience very enjoyable.
If you are a vegan, or just want to try it, I could not recommend this tour enough. Five venues of good food, and a drink included in a few of the venues. What more do you want?"

Ryan W says:

"There's so much choice in this city and so little time to do it all. When will someone come along to do the hard work for me and say 'go here, here and here and eat this, that and these'?
Well at last it's happened.
I'm not a vegan but I rarely turn down the opportunity to eat food. It always helps if the food is delicious and I'm sure it would be given my prior experience on Leeds Food Tours.
I was right.
We were treated to a wide variety of vegan fair, from burger to nuggets to curries and all the accompaniments you would expect. Alongside facts about the city and the food, the Vegan Food tour is another delightful learning experience in terms of both food and the city itself.
I'm looking forward to my next outing and I await new delicious items for consumption and horizon-broadening."