Date Night Ideas in Leeds

If it’s your turn to make plans, and you need some date night ideas in Leeds, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve tried to make this list friendly for all, as there may be some of you who are reading this who might be trying to woo a first date, as well as you long-term folks out there who are on the hunt for some date night ideas in Leeds that you’ve not yet tried.

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Continue reading to get some date night ideas for Leeds, whether that’s some great food spots, cosy bars, or even some activities to get the conversation flowing.


We've split the blog into food, drink and activities to make it a little easier to find that perfect spot for a date night in Leeds.


Fondue Night at The Cheesy Living Co.

You can’t get more romantic than two lovers sharing a bubbling pot of melted cheese, and The Cheesy Living Co. have got the perfect set menu to have you drooling over one another (and the cheese).

Recently confirmed to be opening a second branch in Oakwood, The Cheesy Living Co. are famous for their charcuterie boards, cheese tasting events and pop ups, but we think their fondue night is the way to a cheese lovers heart. Set in the magnificent Corn Exchange, it's the perfect setting for some drinks and cheese, the set menu includes welcome snacks, the fondue and dipping items and a dessert, it has the option to add on additional items like sausage rolls, pies or even a charcuterie plate to dip!

Bulgogi Grill

Located in the arena quarter, the Bulgogi Grill is the perfect interactive date night idea, offering a variety of set menus for you to cook at your own table. If you’ve never been before, it’s a Korean BBQ and the concept is cooking the food on a grill that sits within the table you’re at. You’ll be given a menu with a variety of set menus to choose from; meat, fish or both!

The main event is definitely when the meat and/or fish comes out, it’s presented beautifully, alongside the unlimited rice, lettuce and Korean dips. It is a great spot for a dining experience that isn't a standard sit down meal.

Teppanyaki Leeds

For those who have never been before, Teppanyaki, which originated in Japan, is an exciting dining experience with skillful chefs who prepare your meal right in front of you, with an entertaining and theatrical twist. The experience, and food is like no where else in Leeds, the chefs will cook your food and make it fun by juggling eggs, throwing food and much more, so that being said if you're looking for a quieter more intimate evening, this one might not be for you. You're watching your food be prepared right in front of your eyes, so make sure your other half brings a notepad to take notes, so that they can recreate it for you at home- tricks included!

Portions are plentiful, and they have a rather large selection of speciality cocktails and shots on the menu, so if you're looking for somewhere with good food, entertainment and drinks- this may be the next date night spot!


Liquor Studio

A slightly different idea for a date night in Leeds, why not try out Yorkshire's first and only spirit school? Above the Hedonist Bar, the Liquour Studio offers class-goers the chance to partake in multiple spirit making classes.

Liquor Studio offers gin and spiced rum creation classes and also gin, rum and scotch whisky tasting sessions and cocktail masterclasses. These experiences are in more of a communal setting, so if you don't mind it not just being you two, then this is a something a bit different to try. If you're making cocktails or spirits it might involve a bit of teamwork between the pair of you, so it may be a good test to see how well you work together...good luck with that one!

Below Stairs Bar

Think romance, a dimly lit setting, the perfect ambiance for a sophisticated drink... The cocktails at Below Stairs Bar aim to replicate emotive and sensory stories, with new and inventive creations. There's lots to choose from, including classics and some cocktails that you may not have heard of! If you're struggling to choose, it's table service and the staff are incredibly educated, so sit back, relax and enjoy!

If cocktails aren't your thing, they have a large selection of small vineyard grown wines and craft beers. The interior of this bar makes it a great spot for a hint of romance. 


Leeds Food Tours

Why not book yourself on to a self-guided food tour in Leeds? Leeds Food Tours (hi, that’s us!) run a self-guided food tour for two, making it the ideal date activity in Leeds! It’s a great option to do as you can go at your own pace, with just the two of you to enjoy various cuisines around the city. Use our very own app to guide you through the wonderful city of Leeds, with food included at every stop along the way.

This is a great date idea to do at any point in your relationship, maybe you’re wanting to impress someone new with your food knowledge? Perhaps you’re foodies and enjoy sampling new eateries in Leeds? This is a perfect date idea for all those who love food. 

Roxy Lanes

If either of you are competitive, this one might just be for you! Roxy Lanes is open until late, every single day of the week! Dabble in a game of air hockey, American pool, basketball, ice-free curling, shuffleboard and bowling, which will you pick?

Bringing 'the playground to the bar', Roxy's has been a Leeds go to for 10 years now, offering the chance for people to go head to head in various ball games, whilst enjoying a tipple from the bar, or even a spot of food from their American-style kitchen.

Junkyard Golf

We reckon some of you reading this have taken or been taken to a date in Leeds at Junkyard Golf, it's in the dating 101 handbook, right? It's all a bit crazy, exciting and wacky, and that's why it is so much fun! There's three courses to choose from at Leeds (Bozo, Gary or Pablo), meaning you can return time and time again for a different experience! 

There's beers, wines and crazy cocktails to sip on as you go round the course, if it's all a bit much and you need some fuel, round it off with pizza and nachos, after you've declared your winnings!

We would love to hear your suggestions of places that you enjoy wining and dining a date in Leeds, let us know over on our Instagram!

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