Where to Find The Best Chips in Leeds

It's National French Fry Day (13th July 2023), although I'm going to call it National Chips Days, as we're in the UK and it sounds more fun!

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So to celebrate National Chips Day, here are some of my favourite places to eat chips in the city centre.

A bowl of the best chips in leeds


I know I include OWT a lot in my emails, but it's only because it's so deserving!

The menu at OWT changes every few weeks, but they do keep their 'Super Specials' mostly the same, and that includes their x3 cooked chips.

These chips are thinly sliced and cooked beautifully, but it's the seasoning that sets them apart. They have managed to achieve an exactly perfect amount of seasoning in my opinion!

Pop in for their changing mains, but always order a side of chips.

Little Bao Boy

Little Bao Boy have a few loaded fries options on their menu, but it's the much more simple, 'garlic salt fries' that do it for me.

Maybe because it feels more acceptable to have these and a bao (or two) to myself, but they really are delicious! Another thin cut chip, never too crunchy, extremely more-ish to the point that it feels like you could eat them forever. 

Big Buns

Some of the most indulgent loaded fries in the city centre can be found at Brewery Tap, next to the train station. Big Buns do excellent burgers, and a dipping cheese (what dreams are made of!), and really great loaded fries.

They have a curved cut, which means that they hold the toppings really effectively. It also gives them increased surface area, which means there's more crispiness. Within the crunch, they are perfectly fluffy!

There are all sorts of toppings, from Katsu to Buffalo, to Chicken Kiev loaded fries!

Patty's @ Belgrave Music Hall

The original loaded fries in Leeds (I don't know if that's actually true, but they have been doing them a long old time and they're as good as they always were).

Patty's session fries are thinly cut and beautifully seasoned, topped with rosemary, pancetta, pecorino, pickled chillies and sriracha mayo. I would say they are probably the best value for money chips in Leeds, as the portion size is huge and could easily be shared amongst four people. 

The Brunswick 

The Brunswick Fries are hand cut, triple cooked, made using Maris Piper potatoes, and are topped with Aioli, chives and 'Brunny' salt.

I don't know what it is, but they just taste perfect! Enjoy them with a burger (which I haven't tried but have heard amazing things about) or just with a pint!

They also have plain fries, and a couple of loaded fries options too.


Do Okra fries count for this brief? I think they do, and so Bundobust can't be missed out.

Deep fried Okra, with a light batter that doesn't try to disguise the Okra, perfect when you can't decide on the 'one more dish' to share with your friends (or not).

I order the Okra fries every time I go, and everyone I know says they do the same. 

The Fisherman's Wife

Finally, of course I have to include a 'chippy' type of chip!

When indulging in fish & chips, it's important that the chips are nice and thick, aren't too crunchy, but also don't go soggy when the fish is placed on top, or when lashings of vinegar is added.

The Fisherman's Wife, located in Kirkgate Market, get them just right.

Food Tours in Leeds

Maybe we should have run a chip tour to celebrate National French Fry Day! Missed the boat on that one, but if you like to find out about different places to eat in Leeds, you might like to join a food tour.

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A group on a food tour of Leeds, sat around a table self-serving a variety of dishes including some of the best chips in Leeds

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Each self-guided tour pack includes food at six stops, for two people.

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Two bao buns, next to one of the self-guided food tour information cards and tokens. This is one of the best places also to get chips in Leeds.

I hope you enjoy National Chip Day with some of the best chips in Leeds!

Leeds Food Tours xx

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