Introducing Self-Guided Food Tours

I'm launching something new at Leeds Food Tours and I'm so exciting to be sharing this with you.

Like many businesses, this year I've had to learn to adapt... to the extreme! And just when food tours were back up and running, we got further restrictions like the rule of six and, in Leeds, the advice not to mix with other households.

Luckily, this 'something new' is super Covid-friendly, and still just as much fun. Intrigued?

Let me introduce you to self-guided food tours. 

Leeds Self-Guided Food Tour: an iphone taking a picture of a bowl of dumplings, things to do in Leeds

What is a Self-Guided Food Tour?

On a self-guided food tour you'll get everything you'd get from a guided tour, apart from me!

Book online and you'll receive an email confirmation including the secret starting point, where you'll pick up your self-guided food tour pack from.

You'll be given a Leeds Food Tours branded envelope containing everything you need to complete your tour:

  • An introduction page, explaining how everything works
  • A printed map, detailing the different stops and how to get there, along with a QR giving you access to directions via Google Maps.
  • Venue cards telling you about each stop on the tour
  • Fact cards explaining some of the foodie history of Leeds, Yorkshire and beyond
  • Tasty tokens - these vouchers will ensure that all of the food is included in the price of the tour, and will be handed to the venues in return for selected dishes

You'll also be able to send someone a self-guided tour as a gift! Instead of picking up a tour pack from the start point, you can choose for it to be sent directly to the recipient.

The self-guided food tour is currently only available for the street food tour only, but more will follow very soon.

Self-Guided Food Tour: two halves of a burger being held up against a dark background

Why a Self-Guided Food Tour?

This pandemic has had a huge impact on the way we eat, drink and socialise. It's understandable that you might not want to participate in a food tour with people outside of your household during a time when we're being told to minimise social interactions. 

By choosing a self-guided tour, you can take part with a friend, partner, family member or colleague (or by yourself, but it's a lot of food for one!!) without having to interact with anyone else.

But it's not just the pandemic that makes self-guided tours make sense. You can start the tour almost immediately after booking, perfect for a spontaneous afternoon out.

It's also flexible, as you can start and finish any time you want, as long as the venues are open. Take it at your own pace - you don't even have to finish it all in one day if you don't want to!

Count Me In!

If you'd like to book a self-guided food tour you can do so by following the below link:

Book a Self-Guided Food Tour

Each food tour is for two people, and there's plenty of food included! If there are four of you, you'll need to purchase two tours, if there are six of you you'll need three and so on. 

So get booking, and I promise you'll have a great time! 

Leeds Food Tours x

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